Livro: Essential English Dictionary


Dicionário em Inglês.
More usable, More Authoritative, More Practical.

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Essential English Dictionary gives you real, practical guidance with the English language. It helps you understand English and use it yourself, presents information clearly and simply, and gives generous assistance wherever you need it.

Intensive step-by-step treatment of the most frequently udes - but most difficult - words in the English language.

50 000 examples of real, everyday English supported by the authoritative British Nationalk Corpus, a 100-million-word database of written and spoken English that provides real evidence of how English is used.

Full-sentence definitions are used entry, showing the user the headword in context.

Thousands of synonyms and antonyms are given to help pinpoint meaning and help with creative vocabulary-building.

Plurals of nouns, comparative and superlative forms of adjectives, and verb parts are always shown in full.

With entries divided into paragraphs, meanings are found more quickly and easily.

Tinted usage notes give extra information on language points learners find particularly difficult or confusing. Boxed information is provided for phrasal verbs and modal and auxiliary verbs.

There are no complicated or abbreviated codes: grammar, register and subject labels are given in full.

15 pages of illustrations for vocabulary-building.

Useful appencices on letter-writing and punctuation, essential for the Cambridge Proficiency Exam.

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  • Editora: Martins Fontes;
    Páginas: 1152 páginas;
  • Publicado em: 1999;
  • Dimensões: 23,0 x 16,0 cm;
  • Área: Dicionários;
  • Tipo: Brochura;
  • Escritor: Elaine Higgleton;

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Livro: Essential English Dictionary

Livro: Essential English Dictionary

Dicionário em Inglês.
More usable, More Authoritative, More Practical.

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